August 19, 2011 at 4:17 pm (Business Tips)

Reprint by permission of CEO Space International
© 2011 CEO Space International, Inc.


It helps to know history. You can use the past to anticipate the future. A Double Dip Recession is a move from a weak recovery back to declines in overall GNP and growth for any nation. While North America is doing better than the rest of the world (financially), we are impacted by trading partners who are now sinking backwards. Asia is moving to a hard landing in their economic cycles. The EU is literally melting down. The effect of their declines is impacting the USA and the Americas as a whole. A Double Dip Recession means: more unemployment, lower consumer buying overall as confidence remains shattered, less money in circulation, decline in overall economic activity, and a long, long time for any form of sustained REAL l recovery- Far longer than anyone expected or thought.

First you need to lead ahead of others and BET that a Double Dip Recession is in play. Second you need to plan while others are asleep not knowing what to DO, so that your enterprise can grow when others have no clue how to grow in a double dip recession. You must acquire specialized knowledge. You must acquire new tools. You have to take different action. You have to plan differently. You need to develop a second wind inside your sails and invest to win while others are lacking the information for proper action to win. Denial won’t help. Putting your head in the sand won’t help. Standing tall and leading by example will help your business and your country. The old saying- when times get tough the tough get going is the motto you wish to adopt and live by in the double dip recession. The time is now. Make no mistake. Delay is a terrible cost to pay in a double dip recession. Don’t pay the cost of delay in making superior choices for your future.


Your income is based upon a pyramid. Draw one.  At the top are your skills. You will need to invest in new skills to prosper in a double dip recession. These skills are not native and you lack the required skills at the moment. They are not challenging to acquire nor do they take long to master. Second your income is based upon your mentor advisers. Your old mentor team is unlikely to harden your business for the double dip recession. Developing new skills and a new mentor adviser team who will grow your profits in a double dip recession is now a vital choice for a better future. Finally your income is a factor of your community of clients and referrals. The acquisition of a larger more cooperative community to expand sale opportunities within is a cornerstone to your new Double Dip Plan. The priority begins with your investment to acquire new skills, new mentors and new community, all at once, and all at the same time. Speed is a need in the double dip recession. Lost time cannot be recovered later. Are your skills where they need to be to prosper in the double dip contraction? Is your mentor team at the peak performance level you desire? Is your community as large as it needs to be to grow your enterprise in any market? Your choice to invest in acquisition of these three upgrades will define your future success in Recession.

Keep in mind the ratio of value is not proportional. Your skills at the top of your pyramid for prosperity are by far the most important upgrade required. If you proceed into the double dip recession drawing upon your old skill inventory the odds of weak results is higher. If you prioritize upgrading your skill inventory your odds of prosperity in the double dip are far higher than if you delay investing in the required skill advantage. For this reason the skill aspect of prosperity in recession appears at the top of your prosperity pyramid. Invest in your own development first. Everything else falls into place from that critical and core investment in you. Bill Gates pointed out recently that the most important investment priority is personal development to win as an entrepreneur. Bill Gates suggested such development should be part of an ongoing plan versus an event for leaders.


The Double Dip Recession will require a different brand message to the consumer than you apply today. You must define a “recession culture accommodation” to the consumer that pampers the customer as never before. Your value perception must be raised to a higher level in recession in the eyes of your customers. New feedback and assessment participation from your customers will be required to retain them and to acquire improve referrals from them.  Your offer of value, your customer recognition programs, your customer reward programs must be revalued, upgraded, and remodeled to attract more clients, and develop greater referral marketing from existing clients are all part of your new Sears Level TOOL BOX that must be rolled into your double dip prosperity planning. Referral marketing from happy customers needs to become a feature of your new double dip recession marketing plan once it is upgraded. Give customers gifts and recognitions presently missing from your model. Give customers incentive to referral market.

Make your marketing far more personal than it may have been in the past. Customer loyalty will be high in such climates with right stimulation. Community will help you get through if the culture is forged properly. Your marketing message, ad copy, words online and in retail all require modification to prosper in the Double Dip. Your closing techniques need to modify as clients “may not be back” and you need to cement relationships while you have the option to do so. You need to upgrade your sale and closing skill set. You have to become better. Smarter. Faster. You can’t prosper in a double dip doing things the way you “always did them” – you’ll become a statistic if you try that approach. You can grow the new skills. You can learn. You can upgrade your own computer behind your eyes. As you make that upgrade a priority, your ability to predict and control results will also upgrade dramatically. You know these re-tooling suggestions are correct. You know the value of this information. Act on the information. There are no accidents this solution matrix found YOU. None whatsoever.


Yes. In fact the one package is tax deductible and largely just tax dollars. The “one package” is the leading Entrepreneur Support and HELP Organization serving over 100 countries for over 25 years. You enroll as a lifetime member into <> . You attend a very intensive week long educational skills upgrade, which also enlarges your lifetime mentor pool and expands your market community. You run your existing business from this highly compressed trade show. You also get new customers and alliance partners while you are attending CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE pays for itself by developing new business and CEO SPACE offers a money back warranty to moderate risk to you. The cost of a lifetime membership is only $ 7500.00. “How To Prosper In A Double Dip Recession” is instructed in step by step upgrades for your business coupled to countless private meetings with world class consultants experienced in helping the largest Fortune Companies on the same topic. Hire the mentors you can’t afford all inside one package fee. Just the Intellectual Property “audits” with multiple law firms assisting to determine if you have valuable assets that are not yet protected in slogans, trade phrases, business processes, and other IP that can be secured for your future is worth the one time low cost.
If you lack the membership fee, you can enroll with a $ 500.00 good faith deposit into the proprietary CEO Space Fund Busting program to secure assistance to develop the resources to acquire the help you require. We suggest you click our web site and review a short film by Dr. David Gruder, best-selling author of THE NEW IQ – INTEGRITY for a short overview of how CEO SPACE works to deliver the values you desire to prosper in a double dip recession. CEO SPACE specializes in helping entrepreneurs to win in double dip recession. Professionals receive 30 hours of ongoing education credits in all fifty states in the USA for their attendance to a single week of training and they develop new clients for their practice. It is profitable to enroll into CEO SPACE and the return rates on time and money are very high. The program is paced so guests are in a break every 90 minutes to run their business remotely while they upgrade their business to prosper in a double dip recession.


If you are already a lifetime member, you well know from CEO SPACE newsletters that the Double Dip Recession has been predicted by CEO SPACE, along with virtually every aspect of the current market conditions. If you have been reading <>  regularly you have been far ahead of other entrepreneurs in your planning. Specialized skills are now required to prosper in the new markets of the Double Dip Recession. You appreciate more fully the quality CEO SPACE offers. As a lifetime member you should view the September 23rd program with its four free bonus training days Friday at 7:00 PM through Monday – as value – you wish to acquire on the basis of critical timing issues. If you wait until the December program you will begin to adjust your marketing for the Double Dip Recession in late January in 2012 and early February. You will miss almost half a year of options and the critical fourth holiday selling quarter of 2011. If you elect to accelerate business results in 2011 you recognize the September program is the ideally timed HELP you desire, positioned to positively impact your cash flow in October November and December, and all through 2012 with the critical double dip asset of “BUSINESS MOMENTUM” now well established during the busy final quarter – spilling over into 2012. Missing the acceleration derived from the new skills, new mentors and new markets, CEO SPACE offers in September may be a cost of delay too great to pay.

If the highest return you can earn on investment occurs from CEO SPACE this September, why not choose the more profitable use of time and money? If you are already a member, the one program you need to place ahead of every other agenda, for all the reasons set forth here – is CEO SPACE Forum 911 this September – arriving at the Loews Lake Las Vegas resort on Friday by 7:00 PM for the first instruction. Run your business from the Forum dedicated to help our members prosper inside a double dip recession. The September 911 Forum is the most important offer from CEO SPACE since the 9-11 crises ten years ago. Lifetime members should apply their benefit package to insure their lifestyle. If you could buy a life insurance protection for your income growth, you would buy that policy. To avoid protecting yourself in the Double Dip Recession can be the largest error as the markets shift of your entrepreneur or professional lifetime.

Finally use of year-end tax dollar for a substantial gain in profits is just smart both as to timing and as to value exchange. We especially invite our membership to share this item with their CPA and Attorney (as they receive new clients and ongoing education credits and lead their customers into a more secure prosperity which affects their billing fees – again smart) as well as business owners and family you care for in the entrepreneur space. Those you know in transition may use CEO SPACE to select hyper-growth firms that thrill them as new career paths, owning stock and board positions, versus moving through entry level job interviews.

Share this item with those you know should profit in the double dip recession. We have devoted 100 million dollar investments, 25 year institution, to the mission of assisting our entrepreneur and professional clients to PROSPER in the DOUBLE DIP RECESSION, by providing the tools, skills, upgrades, and new customer base markets to win in any market. This insurance is time sensitive. The earlier you acquire the skill upgrade and apply those skills, the faster your momentum will develop and carry you through the double dip. As the full weight of the double dip becomes obvious (say after the big Super Crash yet to come) – it becomes far more challenging to lift up the momentum that is so much easier this year end season. Missing the window of opportunity – when TIMING IS EVERYTHING – is a leadership decision. Invest in your own success and make that decision a priority as time will be unforgiving as the Double Dip Recession unfolds. Help others to win as you learn earn and RETURN your special skills to mentor others. We all win as you perform this leadership service of cross mentorship. If you can participate in a multi-million dollar “ONGOING” help program to advance your business inside a double dip recession – the only program of its kind – exclusive – membership driven by invitation only in the most private entrepreneur professional membership club in the world – why would you miss the HELP?

Saving a tax dollar at year-end to advance your income agenda in a Double Dip Recession has become the priority decision for any entrepreneur minded individual. The priority is now- acquire the new skills and planning to PROSPER INSIDE A DOUBLE DIP RECESSION. Every other agenda pales to insignificance against that one agenda. Think about life insurance for your “life style” and buy the policy to protect your future. Enroll on line at <> and follow the class date link to reserve your hotel space. Plan to attend early September 23rd and stay over late past the Sunday 2:00 PM close as hundreds will remain on site Monday and Tuesday doing business – serious business – extending the value of the trade show to the bottom line. You will thank us for this tip to get more from the huge market the September Prosperity Program offers. CEO business owners and professionals in practice will be attending from all over the world. We hope you are assuring your own prosperity. Proceeding forward into the Double Dip market naked and lacking the required support, is no longer an option. Prosperity CAN BE HAD in any market with the right skills and tools. CEO SPACE provides options to entrepreneurs. Options make all the difference for great ladies and gentlemen. May we expand your options this September?


PS: Please make this important HELP MESSAGE go viral to your wall group list and associations – as people helping people – are the future. Your cooperation is so appreciated.


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Why Colorful Characters Can Be Good for Your Business

July 25, 2011 at 12:05 pm (Events, Media)

Reprint of Berny Dohrmann’s Blog
July 22, 2011

Read Original Post by BernyOut of fog Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge a...


I want you to consider some facts.  First every reader who has been accused of something they did not do in this life – raise your hand.  Second fact related to my history – I sold my publically traded investment bankng firm in 1988 – following care giving for my famous father who passed from Cancer shortly before. We had sold the firm as a strategy to take care of HIM during this time – my role  being the oldest boy of nine children in a very wealthy  fifth generatin family  in San Francisco. Five years after I had sold the firm in 1988 – I was indicted – ( by one of my dearest friends growing up by the way – at the time a Federal prosecutor ) – for “contempt” – the lowest Federal violation level – related t0 87,000 of unrated bonds sold by the brokerage firm half a year before.  The indcitement at the Holiday time that year – so many years after the firm had been sold – was a complete surprise. We had no idea.  What are your thoughts of something you completed half a decade ago? Are you thinking about it today? Me niether. I was growing CEO Space all over the world and having the time of my life in education; my father’s core business all his life. I had completed the one thing I dreaded most with my Father passing- I had become my own father. For years I built investment banking firms – staying out of my fathers educational world. By the time he had passed and I sold my investment firm – I had entered my Father’s world and business – and just expanded it – and grew to love it. 25 years later I’m still having the time of my entire life. Still, the challenge of what came next made me a Super Star, that looking back I could never have risen a reality like I know today; coaching all the famous coaches who trust the pain of the experience elevated my advice quality and soul spirit compassion of delivery for everyone. Which is the secret sauce that God had that I could not see…

The indictment did not allege that I took any money or had any way of even remotely profited  from the alleged “crime” of contempt. The company books were audited and balanced to the penny. No money was missing. Or was taken.  There was specifically no charge of fraud or security law violation related. Contempt is a really rare criminal charge used in say “The Monica Lewensky” case. For a public record referrence. It is rare. Attorney’s are not too experienced in how to deal with it ( I would later learn)

However look at what the press reported then look at my films on – leading into  the movie being made MALICIOUS PROSECUTION  based on my true life story. Or review other short films titled “Berny Dohrmann Transparent” or “Revealed” – both featuring some pretty famous celebrity confirmations on the truth related to all this, who were and stillare a pat of my life. These films include prosecutors law firms,  stars of “The Secret”,  UN Ambassadors and more. Almost 20 years ago the press reported and it remains on the net forever – It was an item we laughed at when it came out- because is was so untrue. Contempt for 87,00o dollars doesn’t requrie any jail time if you lost the case. However the prosecution used a process ( now unconstitional and illegal to employ, but back then was common practice ) – which was to enhance a sentence – known as “SENTENCE ENHANCEMENT” – so that you are sentenced for a jail time related to vioaltion guidelines having nothing to do with your charge or case. Today sentencing can only related to what evidence the jury heard ( in my case probation no jail time – which is what we THOUGHTi going in ) – and as they moderated the “sentence enhancement” the frame for the case both as to contempt and the sentence plan they had in mind – worked out great – ( for them ) – while our team got the shaft and we learned a lot. I have never learned more from a loss. I was so surprised. Anways, the press reported the case more like this: as you would expect …( not front page or anything it was a yawn in the business section back water pages ) – but it looks front page today all this time later on the net – so here is what you can click: original post.

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Be Careful What You Wish For!

June 14, 2011 at 12:07 pm (philanthropy) (, , , , , , )

Under the heading, “be careful what you wish for,” I was thinking I should do more philanthropic work.

Enters Childhelp,, with a cause you never want to face: child abuse. With so many causes almost all are worthy of our attention. What to pick? How can one turn away from helpless little human victims?

I’ve seen the sad puppy ads, many of those organizations are machines who spend most of their money to feed the machine, not the puppies. (note to self, hope this doesn’t cause a backlash on it’s own. You DON’T want to get me started on PETA; they took us on locally. We won.)

But to face children who through no fault of their own are abused; the statistics are staggering.

Setting Online Boundaries for Elementary School Kids is just one article from their website, and frankly, I didn’t have the stomach to share some of the other stories of abuse, this one is a helpful positive way to set online boundaries for the kids, especially with summer coming up, they’ll be home with you more.

If nothing else, you now know why you haven’t heard from me in awhile. Well that and a girlfriend calling to say, “Do you know anyone who can help me just a couple days a week covering weddings at our local historic mansion?”

That one comes under the heading of, “What was I thinking?” and is another blog entirely, mini-series, comedy sitcom, book turned into a movie . . . oh wait, they just did that with Bridesmaids, but I digress and I encourage you to at least look at this website, and find a local group who do phenomenal work like the one I found near Washington DC/MD/Virginia area.

When everyone else might be thinking of graduations, summer vacations and the 4th of July, you will, of course, want to do all those things too; but, facing something so poignant makes for much sounder sleep these days. I’ve been meaning to share it with you for some time, and finding the time has been the biggest challenge. So happy graduation to some, happy summer to all, I hope a few of you will consider taking a moment to look at this most worthy organization.

God Bless you all!

Don’t forget to check out Setting Online Boundaries for Elementary School Kids

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How do you plan to fill the seats?

January 28, 2011 at 2:40 pm (Business Tips, Pearls of Wisdom)

Watching the sports news is rare for me. I was going to switch channels, and the interviewer asked the new Maryland college football coach what he was going to do to “get butts in the stadium seats” he said he was going to “get out there and network and let people see him in the community.”

Well, well! I had also saved the November 28 Washington Post Jobs section, because on the front page, above the fold was an Advice article about “How to put your best foot forward. Uncover the hidden job market by networking.”

So glad everyone who is “in the know” seems to agree with me. Author of the November 28 Washington Post article recommended ‘growth-oriented method of networking.’

Rather than, “do more, be more” and using the bird shot scatter method of using your business cards as playing cards, dealing them out across the table in the ‘fan out’ style of the Vegas card dealers, what I have found, and it seems the other experts in this field concur with me on is developing the art of listening. The art of giving first goes a long way in being remembered, being Memorable. For it is an art.

There is protocol that can actually be learned from business etiquette coaches about “making your manners” about town and being remembered as someone others would like to do business with, and should do business with you.

I don’t think you need to be looking for a job to learn the importance of studying your colleagues and their fields of expertise, especially if you want to provide a service or a product to them.

When I raced horses, this came in very handy in order to compete. I studied all the other competitors as best I could based on past track records before I got to the post to “do business with them.” It may seem like a stretch to use a horse racing analogy, but for two of the ten years I raced steeplechase horses, I was the top woman jockey in Virginia using this method. Studying everyone and their tactics, horses, track record of prior success. I brought home the “most business” (wins) by learning everything I could about the other guys before I went to ‘do business’ with them.

The same Washington Post article talked further about ‘Getting Connected.’ Well, we’re coming full circle here aren’t we?

The funniest thing I just noticed is that this article leads with a quote from Laura Labovich, owner of Aspire! Empower! Career Strategy Group in Bethesda MD, who was still in my phone contacts from, Networking! She is quoted as saying, “Network into companies in advance of the job.” Amen networking sister! We just got a chance to do a quick phone visit, and it’s a true testimony for keeping contacts, even though both of us have moved on and have both broadened our horizons.

Which is another way of what I used to teach in networking (and I do now more through speaking and blogging) is, “Develop the relationship before you need it.” You never know when you’ll need it. It’s like developing the relationship with the bank before you need the money. Even banks like dealing with friends over strangers, someone they already know and trust.

AND most importantly, based on being able to reach out to Laura just now after we’d lost touch for awhile is: it is important to keep the contacts and keep in contact. We may change addresses or jobs, but its’ important to keep the contacts, they are our “life line” in the circle of career building.

So there you have it! It also reminds me of a speech I wrote to graduate the Capital Speakers class with and join the club, called, “You’ve got to get yourself some girlfriends.” (It’s a woman’s club, it works for men too)

The gist of it was I live and love to connect (business) friends; they are like charms on a bracelet to me. I love to share them with others, but it has to be the right others, in that, they have to be worthy of matching the friends together so that they will cherish and protect the relationships as I do.

That’s what makes me the Business Matchmaker. It is who I am and what I do. Its what I wake up in the morning to do. Who may I connect you to?

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Business Secrets Revealed

September 22, 2010 at 7:15 pm (Business Tips)

Having spent more than ten years making connections, I’ve found something, outside the local scope of networking.

I found a way to shorten the time, make the process easier and therefore cut the costs.

If you want to go out and have a local social good time, continue doing what you are doing.

But, I found a greater solution to networking – a more than 20-year-old organization in 120 countries founded by a man whose father mentored John F. Kennedy and Walt Disney, among others.

So the possibility thinking of a man who literally grew up with ‘Uncle Walt’ (Disney) at the dinner table is stretched past any business minds I have encountered locally or at all. He is fluent in every business language. And the fun with which he teaches skills that bring you business NOW is contagious, and shows the Disney influence.

CEO Space is the world’s largest and oldest entrepreneurial club. Successful entrepreneurs designed our Forum Model.

It’s a new model of business-to-business trade show, at the lowest cost that reduces time to reach growth goals for business. CEO Space employs a high integrity cooperative networking approach. Many clients report results in more new business in one week than they typically develop in a full year.

One-third of our members are affluent investors.

One-third are owners of businesses or professional practices and many are also investors.

One-third are development firms ranging from nano, bio, agro, technology, environmental, the arts, energy, novelty, children’s products, fashion and foods. Some businesses are larger than others.

CEO Space’s program is not theoretically it is a world trade show developing new CEO and Professional level practices.

The movie, “The Secret” was launched at CEO Space. The “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series was launched at CEO Space. It’s a private, lifetime membership for serious business people already in a business they want to grow, or have an idea they want to launch. And these success stories come back to teach, not sell to you, teach you how to do it and share their platinum rolodex with you.

You have to sign an IP (Intellectual Property) agreement not to divulge secrets at ‘the Space’ when you go, because many people come with that ‘napkin idea’ and get it business planned, get the legal advice (with a former SEC Prosecutor) for compliance, get it funded (a third of attendees are Investors) and Launched. Right there, on the CEO Space launch pad, LAUNCHED.

I saw Kevin Harrington (“The Shark Tank” program host) buy products from people I know who worked for years in other networking organizations. That is because this organization doesn’t just network.

My friend was at one of the meals where each of these Top Business Minds hold court, for three meals a day, 90 minutes each, and GIVE of their time and knowledge. She sat with Kevin Harrington and eight other people and their business ideas, while he went around one by one and said, ‘Yes, no, yes, yes and no…’ and bought (or not) their business ideas on the spot! Hers was a ‘Yes’!

Bob Circosta who has sold $4B in infomercial products was one of the teachers. Got a product? You want to go!

Or is the product you and you have a service? Les Brown, one of the top five International Speakers will dine with you and teach you how to do that. Or the top marketing people, well, you get the picture.

Lifetime membership hosts these retreats/tradeshows/teaching sessions five times a year at a resort outside of Vegas. No gambling, just everything related to promoting your business.

It’s not another motivational rah-rah session with tapes for sale in the back of the room. The teachers, in fact, aren’t paid or allowed to sell while there! How’s that for refreshing!

CEO Space also teaches MBA level courses (professional continuing education credits recognized in all 50 states) whose business topics and teachers change five times a year. If you Google search “super teaching”, CEO Space created it.

Super Teaching is a method of reaching out to make sure you get the connections you need to continue to grow (in any economy) and find funding. One third of attendees are Investors. Be careful what you wish for. You can check off anything on your business list by joining CEO Space.

Founder Berny Dohrmann hosts Webinar Business Previews by invitation. If you are interested in attending a webinar from the comfort of your own home or office, let me know and I’ll arrange it.

I may not speak your exact business language, but I can find someone at Corporate who does. They will speak directly with you, or invite you to join a select group to attend a webinar and ask questions.

If you think you just need peer groups around your town, continue doing what you are doing. I have moved on. I invite you to join me. It’s the deep end of the business gene pool, and the water is warm, welcoming, the lifeguards are the top in their industries and available for two hours during three meals a day when you attend any one of the five forums a year offered with lifetime membership.

But if you want to learn more, join me. I welcome you to my new space.

You just have to have a bigger community to survive and thrive. Your key contact list is about to grow substantially.

CEO Space Virginia meets locally every Tuesday for lunch and every Thursday for breakfast to explore business to business strategy for ramping up 2010 income in the last quarter and qualifying for that tax deduction for 2010 taxes.

Call or email to make an appointment to meet one on one to learn more about how CEO Space can accelerate your business income today.

Next I’ll be sharing how you can actually balance healthy food groups by holding chocolate in both hands. Until then, I’ll leave a light on at ‘the space.’

Susan Wight,

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Business Matchmaker . . . Connector Queen

April 30, 2010 at 7:26 pm (Events)

It has occurred to me of late, that I have actually earned the title of “The Business Matchmaker” and “Connector Queen.” Given the vast number of quality contacts I have collected and connected over the years; in the upcoming month of May, I am blessed to be able to introduce to you, should you be in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC or southern Maryland area, to two top business women and experts in their own fields.

There are many events locally available to attend. None in the area can boast these women’s expertise or”‘Wow!” factor. Not convinced? Google, if you will, Michelle Anton and Sandra Yancey.

May 5, 2010 Event

On May 5, in the Reston area you can meet the one and only Michelle Anton for yourself. Click here to view the full details of this event and register.

Michelle Anton is the co-author of Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Ways to Earn Extra Cash.

With her extraordinary networking skills and boundless energy, she’s blazing a new path as CEO Space’s Sr. Vice President for Club Operations.

Over the past 15 years Michelle has produced nationally syndicated programming for such industry notables as Dr. Laura, Leeza, Danny Bonaduce, Montel Williams, and was a freelance associate producer working on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  In addition, she produced documentaries for A&E Biography series highlighting the life and career of Leonardo DiCaprio, Rex Harrison, the Kennedy family, and others.  She’s worked with celebrities such as Halle Berry, Robert DeNiro, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Rush Limbaugh, Naomi Judd, Tyra Banks, Alex Trebek, and many more.

Michelle enjoys writing and is currently an “Official Blogger” for She profiles successful business owners, inventors, and up and coming entrepreneurs. As a keynote speaker and presenter she has spoken at events for Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book, Jack Canfield, plus Les Brown, just to name a few.

Recognized by her peers, Michelle was nominated for a NAACP Image Award for the A&E Biography Series profiling the life of Dorothy Dandridge. In addition she has won the Entertainment Industry Council, Inc.’s PRISM Award, and she’s a distinguished member of the Writers Guild of America.

May 19, 2010 Event

On May 19, in the Tysons Corner VA area, you can meet the incomparable Sandra Yancey and spend quality time in her presence.

Sandra Yancey, the founder of eWomenNetwork, has been working with women all over the country and is going to share, why 80% of women business owners miss the most important factor that determines their success or failure and how to correct this immediately. She has incredible, proven strategies that will transform the way you approach getting new customers and getting others to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Because she is coming to the event, we are attracting an extraordinary broad range of new contacts for you too. There are many women attending this event who need to know about you and what you have to offer. Your success is important to you and it’s important to us too.

At this event, you’ll hear:

The economy is not the story: your vision for your future is. Your future has evolved. Your skills, degrees and successful past, while useful, have been eclipsed by a new paradigm, and a new 2010 businesswoman has emerged.

The 2010 businesswoman is beyond smart—she is enlightened.

The competition is fierce, with more marketing and promotion clutter to wade through than ever before. How will you break through and stand out from others? The 2010 Women’s Success Imperative is vital to your business. During this 60-minute session with Sandra Yancey, you will learn:

  1. The four critical drivers that must be followed to succeed in 2010 and beyond;
  2. How to discover, embrace and sustain your brilliance, despite challenges that seem insurmountable;
  3. How best to engage others to support your goals and your vision for the future;
  4. The #1 factor that determines whether you will succeed or fail. (Over 80% of women don’t get this right; but after you learn this key factor, you will understand its power.)

Click here to view the full details of this event and register.

I believe it’s imperative that 2010 be your breakout year! I know you agree. Join me and together we’ll make YOU the priority.

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My Most Excellent Business Journey

April 19, 2010 at 11:41 am (Business Tips)

I’d like to share some thoughts on the most excellent business adventure I just took. I just left a forum of people at the which is a fit “for those who believe there is a world in which people work to help one another, in which competition is replaced with cooperation, and in which ordinary people do the extraordinary.”

Having been introduced to the Founder, whose father was Walt Disney’s mentor, the experience felt like a playground of the mind for big business people. When I agreed to go, they immediately sent me a Forum Prep kit, some serious pre-work to prepare for the experience to come. I did every bit of it. I was afraid not to. I didn’t want to waste my time or the investment in the most prestigious country club of business people. I was dropped in the deep end of a very warm and welcoming pool of the top entrepreneurs, with a mix of actors, television personalities, motivational speakers, and top educators in their fields.

Meals were spent with these people hosting tables of ten, so you could choose who you’d like to learn from for 2 hours at a meal-time. They were there to offer free advice on every business topic imaginable. This led to private meetings with these people, and they were available in the lobby inside and out at a lovely resort on a lake in Las Vegas. (Loews on the Lake).

Once a member, you may return to any or every of their five forums held there each year (March, May, July, September and December). They even have a teen program which accepts students from 15-23 years old for below the actual cost to attend. Imagine the brain trusts sharing with these young minds.

There are many ten-minute videos online at the website. This is not for everyone. This is for serious success-minded business people looking to hyper grow their companies, looking to leverage their knowledge and learn from others, and then return the favor. “Learn, Earn and Return” is what is asked of you. I only hope someday to be able to finish “the rest of the story.”

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After the Storm of the Century

March 1, 2010 at 8:09 pm (Business Tips)

What I have learned so far…after the storm of the century in the DC area

You don’t have to be good, but you have to have good friends, contacts, and resources.

Friends. They are my lifelines. Thank God that those lifelines (and the electricity) were there for me during the storm and the aftermath. We still have piles of snow at eye level here ‘in the country’.

Contacts. I decided that 2010 is going to be my year to reconnect and stay connected with business (women in particular) who I’ve done business with in the past. I am enjoying reaching out to them. It’s important to keep the connections, whether the reason we connected has changed or not. You may move, change jobs or other circumstances, but ‘girlfriends’ need to stick together.

Resources. People and products. My Virtual Assistant is more my business manager. She is my right and left arm, and right and left business brain. I reach out to her for so much more than ‘office stuff’ I don’t know what I did before her, but it couldn’t do nearly as much as I get done now! Click here to connect to Lauri Bayless.

My business lawyer keeps me on track, and thinks of things I wouldn’t necessarily be able to identify myself and set myself apart in business. Click here to connect with Suanne Ansari.

Products. In the storm of the century, you do have to be strong. The new energy drink helped, I shoveled past my human capacity more than once. Get the scoop on

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Don’t Forget to Listen

February 12, 2010 at 9:52 am (Media)

I’m on the radio tomorrow! Don’t forget to tune in.

My segment will air on Saturday, February 13 on WHFS 1580 AM or you can also hear it streamed live on their website: at from 10:00 – 11:00 am and at that time on AOL Radio and Yahoo Radio. It will also air on WBIS 1190 AM (also heard on on Wednesday, February 17th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Furthermore, the show will also be posted on our website as a webcast within a few weeks after its airing date.

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On the Radio

February 1, 2010 at 6:46 am (Media)

“Live and in person, we’re sitting here to interview …” now who hasn’t held up a hairbrush to the mirror and envisioned that? Okay, am I the only one? Having done a few radio spots at the horse races as a jockey commentator was so long ago, it only came back when the Radio station, WHFS in Washington DC called me to come in and talk with them in February.

I think the thing that makes it exciting is what makes us all feel important. We like to be asked for our opinion, and to be heard. It’s validating. A few years ago, I called a beloved company to resign a Directorship position. They said, ‘Oh no, you have been with us ten years. You have a good record. We’ll keep you on the books for a month and you think about it.” That was somehow validating. It was enough for me to know they noticed. They listened.

So, if you’re around town or a computer for these times below, I’ll be talking to you! I hope you’ll tune in and at least chime in, and I’ll listen to you!

My segment will air on Saturday, February 13 on WHFS 1580 AM or you can also hear it streamed live on their website: at from 10:00 – 11:00 am and at that time on AOL Radio and Yahoo Radio. It will also air on WBIS 1190 AM (also heard on on Wednesday, February 17th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Furthermore, the show will also be posted on our website as a webcast within a few weeks after its airing date.

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